Everyone enjoys having a fireplace in their home, especially if they've spent years upon years in apartments that didn't have that luxury installation. However, you want your fireplace to look like more than a hole in the wall surrounded by nothing but brick. If you have a fireplace in your home, it's the most commanding element, regardless of the room it's in, therefore you want it to be easy on the eyes rather than looking like an unlit cave.

When you renovate your fireplace area, it's a project meant to only add aesthetic value. Renovating your fireplace has nothing to do with any fireplace or chimney repairs. Choosing do invest in this type of renovation not only pleases you, but it can also add resale value to your home if you choose to sell in the future.

If your remodel consists of more than just plastering or adding drywall, it's recommended that you invest in a contractor to do the renovations. In the event that you're planning on doing this remodel before the winter hits, you should also book and appointment with a chimney contractor to come out and make sure everything within the fireplace flue is safe and no parts need to be replaced. The last thing you want is a house fire when you just finished renovating.

DIY Fireplace Remodeling Options

There are a few fireplace renovations that are very common and the same design can be offered in several different styles as well as colors. One of the most common visual elements to adjust around the fireplace is replacing the brick, and there are several ways to do this.

  • • Cover the exposed brick with either tile or wood (whichever fits the pre-existing interior of your home), then leave the brick exposed within the firebox.
  • • Paint over the brick with a color that compliments the room the fireplace is in. Don't focus on the remaining interior of your home.
  • • Add a custom wooden mantle and rip out the surrounding brick.
  • • Replace the brick with shelving units to create a non-electrical entertainment center (unless you have an electric fireplace, then it's technically an electrical entertainment center).

Now, if you do choose to renovate your fireplace before winter hits, we highly suggest you get your chimney inspected before you start burning those fires. While your fireplace may look nice, you want it to work properly; otherwise the entire renovation was a waste.