The chimney is tied so heavily to the image of Christmas for a number of reasons. The first that comes to mind is of course old Santa sliding down the chimney with a sack full of presents. The chimney also houses certain decorations for the season, such as stockings and other décor placed on the mantel.

The heat a fireplace gives also connects it to the Christmas image. Burning a log in the fireplace is associated with the spirit of winter in general and not just one specific holiday.

So, if you’re planning to upgrade your chimney, why not do it in time for the holidays?

Many people are switching to stainless steel interiors for their fireplaces. Stainless steel doesn’t wear down and break like brick and mortar, and its surface is far more resistant to the build of harmful substances like combustible grimes and oils.

You can also get your chimney and fireplace looking nicer for the holidays while you’re at it. Many companies that sell and install stainless steel chimney liner also offer a variety of other products. They’re likely to sell a variety of products and appliances that get your chimney looking and working at its best.

There's not time like the holidays to make sure your fireplace is working safely as well as looking beautiful.