With today’s economy, selling a house is tough because it’s a buyer's market. If you want to sell your home, anything you can do to increase its value is worth considering. Especially if part of the house is damaged or out of date; this could cost you deeply if you have to reduce your sale price.

You’ll want to look over your house carefully and make sure everything is in good shape. Broken windows or leaking sinks could give buyers bargaining power to insist you lower the price significantly or the damages may even keep you from selling the house at all.

Most importantly, you want to look for issues that could be an actual danger such as faulty electronics or a worn down fireplace. The latter is something some people may not even think of but a worn out chimney can be a very dangerous fire hazard.

 A chimney and fireplace that are in bad shape will also look downright ugly. If you want to get a good price, you have to do something about an unsightly or worn out chimney.

Replacing a chimney entirely will cost a fortune and defeat the purpose. Your best option is to find a company that can cover the interior of your chimney with stainless steel. This will make your chimney's interior look nicer and it is a good way of preventing potential fire hazards.