In order to prevent your chimney from being damaged by the elements and other factors like foreign objects dropping inside, there are certain aspects you need to consider.

First of all, it is imperative that you clean your chimney regularly. The build-up of tar and soot inside the chimney will undoubtedly cause a blockage and fire hazard eventually if it is not cleaned out. A chimney lining is a good protective barrier for your chimney to protect it against the substances produced when burning fuels. You should then have the liner insulated to make your heating cost effective and efficient. It will also keep the flue hotter, decreasing the amount of substances that condense onto the liner.

The chimney can be damaged by the weather coming in from the top, or by birds and other animals dropping nesting materials down. Other objects like leaves can cause acidity which will erode the linings or masonry in your chimney. The best way to protect against these is to use chase covers. These are caps that are placed on top of your chimney, which fit very neatly, with small openings in them where you place the chimney caps. The caps and chase covers work in conjunction with one another preventing any object, or water, from falling down the opening.

It is best to use stainless steel caps, covers and linings as they are better designed to withstand the elements and usually come with a lifetime guarantee.