Fed up with the rain, snow or bits of nests dropping down into your fireplace? Well what you need to invest in is chimney chase covers. These covers have a very important function and are designed especially to prevent the rain, snow or other foreign objects, such as leaves or pine needles, from falling down the chimney. Over time, these can have a devastating effect on the inside of your chimney. They are also very useful if animals, usually birds, have a habit of building nests up on the warm chimney stack. The bits of nest can be a fire hazard when they drop into the chimney and get caught inside.

If you are investing in a chase cover it is best to purchase a stainless steel one as they are designed to last a lifetime and usually come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. The non stainless steel ones will begin to rust over time, with the rain and other weather conditions, and eventually they will erode completely, allowing the rain to drip into your chimney and cause damage.

It is recommended that you buy a model with a cross break on it creating like a domed effect. This prevents rain and snow ‘pooling’ on the top and eventually leaking in.