One of the best ways to heat your home is with a fireplace. Why is heating your home with a fireplace a great way to heat? Well, for one it is pretty. Many people now days heat with natural gas or propane and use a central heating unit system. You can not see the flame but it does heat your home. With a fireplace you can see the flame and hear the fire. This is one of the best things about using good old fashioned fireplaces to heat with. Not only do they provide lots of heat but they also look and sound pretty.

You really can not say that about a modern central heating unit. Wood is readily available and for the butu's you get from wood it is actually pretty cheap to heat with compared to some other ways. Using a fireplace will require that you do maintenance. After so many years of using it your chimneys liner will break down and need replacing. This is easily done for not much money with a flexible chimney liner kit. It is important you check on the chimney liner every now and then as if it breaks down or too much ash collects it could cause a fire in the chimney.