Many people now days heat with either natural gas or propane heaters. There is nothing wrong with doing this as it does get the job done. It is just that with a propane heating system you do not get to sit by the fire. In years past this was one of the ways people had a good time was to sit in front of a open fireplace and talk. Watching a fire can be relaxing and fun at the same time all while heating your home. You can get propane fireplaces but they are not quite the same as burning wood.

Having a fireplace means you will have to maintain it. Keeping up with a fireplace is not all that hard. If you are using wood instead of propane then you will need a chimney. A chimney is where the gasses and smoke escape that you do not want to breathe in. This chimney will have a chimney liner that will need to be checked every so often. If the chimney liner is bad in your chimney do not worry. Installing a new chimney liner is easy with a flexible chimney liner kit. This is something that can be done pretty easily and then you can go back to enjoying your fire.