How do you heat your home in the winter? Many people chose to heat their homes with either natural gas or propane. Heating with a gas is a great way to heat because when you burn it basically all the energy expelled is in the form of heat. Some people heat their homes with electricity on the other hand. There is nothing wrong with heating your home with electricity but it is not as efficient as heating with gas. Electric heaters will have a enegery loss that you will not have if you are heating with natural gas or propane.

One of the ways that people have heated with for years is with wood. Heating with wood could be considered by some as the old fashioned way to heat a home. Before there was natural gas and propane heaters you had a fireplace and a pile of wood to get your heat from. A lot of people still heat with wood now days because it works and is cheap. Every now and then you have to replace your chimney liner though. This can easily be done with a flexible chimney liner kit. Having a fireplace is a great way to heat your home.