When it is time to consider how to address chimney damage the topic of a chimney liner is on the top of the list.  A chimney's purpose is to vent hot gas and smoke from a burning source.   It is recommended that owners check stainless steel chimney chase cover yearly and replaced as needed.

The options available to the consumer are many, but most choices are dependent upon the application.  A fireplace liner is designed to refurbish existing fireplace units without having to remove and rebuilt the entire unit.   Typically the inner bricks and fireplace refractory panels are replaced.  It is recommended to address chimney repairs at the same time as repairing the fireplace unit.  An option to fireplace repair would be wood burning fireplace inserts.  Replace the flue liner at the same time as chimney or fireplace systems is repaired.

Chimney supply's need to be made of quality products.  Stainless steel chimney liners can be purchased in stainless steel chimney liner kit or as a separate unit.  Kits make the most sense because they are complete.  Ask your chimney professional about the differences between a flexible chimney liner  and a flexible chimney liner kit.