A chimney is going to wear down over time. Classic brick and mortar can’t handle the intense heat forever and will eventually start to wear out. Once a fireplace is weakening, it becomes a fire hazard. You need to carefully consider what you plan to do about it when the time comes.

Replacing the chimney entirely will cost a fortune. It’s a huge project that will take multiple professionals and many materials. A better idea will be to simply have it repaired.

 The safest and most cost effective way to make a worn out fireplace useable again is to have it installed with stainless steel chimney liners. Having stainless steel liners installed in your chimney's interior will fix it effectively. Stainless steel is resistant to many of the issues that can cause brick and mortar to wear down or become covered in flammable grimes.

The best part is that for how extremely effective this option is, it is also one of the cheapest. Having stainless steel fireplace liner installed will only cost you between $1500 and $3000. This is a fraction compared to trying to replace your chimney entirely. You might also be able to save more money by installing the liner yourself.