Fires can be extremely devastating for home owners. The amount of damage can be enormous. Possessions can be destroyed as well as the house itself. Even then, these are all material items. In the worst cases, fires can take even more from us. We need to do all in our power to prevent such a thing from happening.

Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or in other areas where a fire is likely to occur. When escaping from a fire, always touch door knobs to see how hot they are, this is to check if there is a fire on the other side. Also keep your head low to avoid smoke, even crawl if possible.

A potential fire hazard a lot of people don’t think of is the chimney. It was specifically designed to house fire, so it’s not a fire hazard, right? Wrong… After consistent use, black grime made of carbon and oils starts to cover the wall of your chimneys interior. This substance is highly combustible and can create a massive fire.

Old and worn down chimneys become weaker over time in addition to the grime build up. To keep your home and family safe, you’ll want to install a stainless steel covering for your chimneys interior. This material is stronger and won't break down, and it doesn’t accommodate the flammable grime.

The simple act of having a stainless steel liner can protect not only your home and possessions, but your family's lives.