There is a special fire clay that is used to make the refractory panels. Once the mixture is formed out of the raw material it is poured into forms, and then cured for a certain period of time before being installed into the fireplace. The refractory panels act as protection to the sheet metal so as not to get damaged while burning fire. The following are instructions on how to install your panels.

Since installation itself is dirty work, one should spread out a tarp in front of the fireplace and out into the room. Then, one should remove the grill to clean the fireplace. The grill should be cleaned outside the fireplace using a brush. Then he should scrape out all the ash from the fire place before scrubbing the floor of the fireplace with soap and water. Locate panel clamps to hold the panels in place. Each clamp contains four to six screws and they run the length of each panel along the perimeter of the fireplace.

The next step is to remove the panel and clamp. This is done by unscrewing the screws using the screwdriver. You should remove all the three clamps in order to pull out your panels. In this stage, one should examine the firebox to see if there are any damages that call for replacement. Then, he should push the panels into place starting with the back panel. They should be placed into positions occupied earlier by older panels.