Also known as chase tops, chase covers are metal coverings that are designed to keep rain, animals and snows from entering a home through the chimney’s opening. They cover the entire top of your chimney because they are designed to fit around the round metal chimney. In fact, they fit well over the chimney just like the shoe box lids. It is necessary to buy a chase cover because your family will be protected from harmful animals and diseases, and also your chimney will be in good shape for a longer time duration. There are different materials used in making the chimney chase covers as described below.

The galvanized steel is the lowest in terms of cost although it is known to rust quickly and may need shorter periods of time to be replaced. One is advised to have an alternative cover.

Aluminum does not rust but it is considered to be too soft for its purpose. It is not a good choice because it is not readily available in the required sizes.

Stainless steel is perhaps the strongest of all the choices. It is not cheap but will virtually last forever. Chimney’s maintenance cost is a forgotten case.

Copper chase cover is the top quality choice and this can be reflected by its price tag. These chase covers are relatively expensive and are a perfect choice for expensive houses. They do not rust and one can only do little when it comes to maintenance of the chimney.