If you have an open fire or a wood burner, it is very important that you keep your chimney clean. It is recommended by experts, that you have it cleaned at least once a year, if not more in certain circumstances. Chimneys that aren’t lined can be very difficult to maintain and clean because of the nature of the stone or brick they are made from.

There are many places where soot and tar can build up which are difficult to get to with brushes and other cleaning tools. If you ‘line’ your chimney with a chimney liner then the flue becomes a continuous, smooth tube with fewer surfaces for the soot or tar to condense onto. If any tar does form, it can easily slide back into the fire and be re-burnt. The liner will also prevent any smoke or harmful gases from seeping out of the cracks in your masonry.

Another advantage of lining your chimney is that the smaller, consistent diameter of the flue maintains the velocity and flow of the flue gases in the system which means that the gases will travel faster up your chimney giving them less time to deposit tar and this will automatically improve the draw of your fire, making it more efficient at heating. So for a more effective and cleaner chimney, lining is the way to go!