Many homeowners who have never replaced their chimney liner are probably unaware if they even have one already. When a fireplace needs a new chimney liner, it's recommended you go with a stainless steel option because of its durability overtime. There are several benefits to installing a new chimney liner, the biggest of which is safety.

What Does The Chimney Liner Do?

     + Lengthens the life of the chimney and prevents overheating.
     + Reduces the chances of a fire starting within your home.
     + Takes away the burden of chimney maintenance.
     + Prevents any toxic gases from entering into your home.

When you start a fire in your fireplace, there are several different types of gases that are emitted, and some of those gases are corrosive to the interior of the chimney -- this is where the liner comes into play. If the interior of your chimney begins to corrode, there's a greater chance of the inside of your home being exposed to the gases being emitted, and there's a greater chance of a fire, and energy loss.

Why Replace The Old Chimney Liner?

If your chimney has a liner (some older homes do not), there are three primary reasons as to why you may need a new stainless steel chimney liner kit installed by chimney professionals.

1.) Your chimney doesn't have a liner to begin with.

2.) Your chimney has a clay liner and it's damaged.

3.) You've installed a different heating unit that needs to be properly vented.

When you hire professional's that deal with chimney fixes and installs every day and you want to see the interior damage to your chimney, they should be able to show you photos of the corroded clay liner. The important of the chimney liner is to provide insulation and properly vent the chimney so no smoke begins to flow into your home.

If you're looking into installing a new chimney liner, or if you require a full chimney liner kit, it'd be a good idea to look around for chimney contractors that can help you with the installation.