Oval chimney liners are categorized under single wall liners which are flexible, economical and strong. The single liners with round and oval cross sections also come in a variety of stainless steel grades. The oval shape is known to offer a larger cross section especially when it is installed in rectangular enclosures. When installing a wood stove in your fireplace there are ways you can get past the damper housing with this chimney liner.

One can convert from the round to the oval liner at the damper housing. Here, you should go through this damper housing with the oval liner and later convert it back to round while at the stove. This method is costly as the oval pipe plus the adaptors are expensive. It also may bring problems during the cleaning of the chimney. The preferred method is by cutting the damper housing where one will keep the same diameter liner from his stove to the top of his chimney. In this method, cleaning will be done swiftly without moving the stove.

If one cannot do this by himself, then a contractor can be hired for the same. They will customize the liner by ovalizing the bottom portion in order to get past through the damper. However, the contractor will need to measure the length and the actual size needed using the drop down method from above.