There are a number of shaped chimney liners which can include oval, square, rectangle, round and custom liners. Every sweep estimate for each chimney may be different and the common of the above list are the round and oval shaped chimney liners which turn out to be economical as well.

The stainless oval chimney liners are both water and air tight. Sometimes, the flue liner may have up to seven ply seams which are rated best for their strength. The stainless material used to make them is also at its best. Coming in different sizes, the oval liners are priced per foot. If you chose an oval shaped chimney liner, you will need the top plates as well. The top plates work well if one has clay tile at the top of the chimney. The plates have oval design to fit the oval shaped chimney. It is quick to install as most of the plates come with a quick to connect system. One just needs to tighten down the screws to secure this liner to the top of a chimney.

If it comes with the rain cap, it would be even better. This may have the wind guard, screen and clamp connecting system. The rain cap will perfectly fit on the outside of the top plate and what one needs is to tighten down the clamp on the rain cap.