Working with professionals and professional products can be a life-saver when making chimney repairs.  Fireside Chimney Supply offers a lifetime transferable warranty which is not only a great thing when for home owners but makes a great selling point when selling a home.  The quality products offered by Fireside Chimney Supply include a full line of stainless steel chimney liners, 316Ti stainless steel products and 304L stainless steel products.

Regardless of the size of the job Fireside Chimney Supply has it covered.  From smaller jobs that require chase covers or Smoothwall Stainless Steel Chimney Liners or any one of the many flexible chimney liner kits, items purchased before 2Pm will be shipped the same day.  Take advantage of the free shipping on all their products. 

Fireside Chimney Supply offers Rigid chimney liners, oval chimney liners and shaped chimney liners as well as custom made piece made to fit those heating systems that are not standardized.  Having a reliable partner when working on unique fireplace and chimney systems is worth its weight in gold. 

As a general reminder, chimney cleaning should be performed at least yearly and more frequently following periods of active fireplace use.  Chimney cleaning helps to reduce the amount of corrosive toxins that build up in chimneys.  Chimney cleaning is also an excellent way to inspect for damage before problems become too large.