Buying a historical home can be a dream come true and then become a nightmare when repairs must be done.  There are often restrictions on how historical homes can be repaired and the type of products that can be used.  Homes that are lived in are somewhat easier but finding a partner within the industry is a great resource.

Fireside Chimney Supply has been a leader in chimney supply since 1992.  The realization that not all chimneys are the same is important especially when it comes to historical homes.   Fireside Chimney Supply is a great supplier of refractory panels, wood burning fireplace inserts and fireplace liners.  Fireplace refractory panels are often damaged over the many decades or centuries of use.  They are easily replaced but finding panels that are a perfect fit can be a daunting task.  Fortunately for many customers, Fireside Chimney Supply can have quality products customized to fit your exact need.   Customized products may include Shaped chimney liners, chase covers, or flue liners.  Fireside Chimney Supply is also a great place to shop for general chimney supply's.  Ask one of the sales associates about their rigid or flexible chimney liner kits.