fireplace safety


Old man winter is just around the corner. Is your fireplace ready to get to work? If you own a fireplace and want to make sure your home gets the most out of the heat output, you must make sure your fireplace is properly prepped.

Inspect your Fireplace

The first step in any fire is to prep the area and make sure it is safe. Sweep the chimney out, check your chimney chase cover, update your fire alarms, and take the time to thoroughly go through your fireplace before winter. This will give you the best fire and maintain a safe environment.

Use a Chimney Sweep

Never underestimate the power of a broom. Well, in this case, a professional chimney sweeper, but you get the idea. Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association advises you have your chimney swept once a year? How long has it been since you've had a good cleaning?

Check Your Chimney Chase Cover

If you have a chimney then you probably have a stack chase cover. You know, those metal box looking things sitting on top of your chimney stack. Chimney chase covers serve to protect your home from back draft, preventing unwanted smoke and potential gas fumes from billowing back into your home. Signs that you need a new chimney chase cover include rusted portions, areas of pooling water, missing mortar or other parts not name a few.

Inspect your Chimney Liner

Once you've checked the inside and out, it's time to pay a little more close attention to your chimney liner. Chimney liners are an important part of fireplace safety. These little guys keep combustibles safe and provide optimum air flow efficiency. The Chimney Safety Institute of America states that although laws vary from state to state, installing a flue lining is best practice. That means that more than likely, your chimney has one.

Winter time is a beautiful thing, and there's nothing like sitting back sipping a cup of cocoa and enjoying a warm fire. So if you are planning to fire up your mantle this winter, take the time to check your chimney chase cover, inspect your chimney liner, and don't forget to sweep!