How Chimney Caps Can Heighten The Design Of Your Home

Just like with any aspect of your home, chimney caps offer you a chance to express yourself.  The outside of your house can be just as beautiful as the inside with the right maintenance and the right choices, and just because your chimney cap is a functional and useful part of your house doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish as well.  Coordinating the colors and styles of your roofing, chimney, chimney accessories, window accents, and more design aspects that go into decorating the outside of your home is exciting.  Here are some suggestions as to what your chimney cap can say about your home.


If your home has a chimney to begin with, consider yourself lucky that you live in traditional enough a home that it has a fireplace.  The image of a family gathering around the fireplace is one that is all but disappearing, and if you’re lucky enough to still have one, flaunt it!  To go with your traditional fireplace, consider a traditional chimney cap, like one made out of clay, simple in design, that signifies the classicism of your home even from the outside.


Chic, modern homes can also have the benefit of a fireplace, albeit in a more sleek, refined way.  As with traditional design, modern design seems to be rooted in values like minimalism and simplicity.  However, modern design tends to have a more industrial bent, like you aren’t quite sure what the structure is used for.  This ambiguity is appealing, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, and makes your home a more intriguing destination--especially for those who may want to live in it themselves.


A chimney cap that you purchase from a chimney supply company doesn’t have to be the chimney cap that ends up on your home.  Why not take a page out of Antoni Gaudi’s book of tricks and cover your chimney cap with smashed, colorful, ceramic tiles?  Or, for a simpler design, painting over it with a fun and interesting color?

There is a lot more to chimney caps than meets the eye.  Experiment with the design and make your home even more beautiful by contacting Fire Side Chimney Supply today and inquiring as to what chimney caps may look best on your home!