Fireplaces can be inefficient means of heating a home.  Installing wood burning fireplace inserts can make the difference between a cold and drafty home and a warm a cozy nest.   Fireplace inserts are just the beginning of the list of items that can make a heating system more efficient.  A smoothwall stainless steel chimney liner or one of the flexible chimney liner kits can also help a fireplace work more efficiently.   For home owners who wish to keep the look of an open fireplace can refurbish their existing fireplace by installing fireplace refractory panels.  Refractory panels reflect/bounce heat back from the liner so that the fireplace emits more warmth into the living space.  Using flexible chimney liners in conjunction with new refractory panels can give an old fireplace a complete overhaul.

Fighting the elements is no easy task but with the right tools a chimney or fireplace be immune to weather.  Chase covers or a stainless steel chimney chase cover can prevent rain, sleet and snow from getting into the chimney.  Installing a top-sealing damper can also prevent wind from entering the chimney.  A regular  chimney cleaning is the best way to help prevent odors from smelling up your house.  Installing a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner and insulation will also help keep pipes cleaner.