Industrial applications can use the 316Ti stainless steel  and stainless steel chimney liners to replace aged systems that are no long up to code.   The 316Ti stainless steel is ideal for commercial applications because it is manufactured to withstand higher temperatures and to resist corrosive chemicals.   These manufacturing traits make the 316Ti stainless steel an ideal material for industrial projects.  304L stainless steel is also a great choice of material for both residential and commercial use.  This low-carbon steel is more flexible which means that it can be manipulated on the job site.   In some cases it is better to start with shaped chimney liners rather than trying to make pieces fit on site.  For difficult or custom jobs the professional team at Fireside Chimney Supply can help find just the right material for your job.  They stock Chase covers, Oval Chimney Liners, Rigid chimney liners, flexible chimney liners and fireplace inserts  or they can have pieces customized to fit your specs.  Heavier projects may need the Smoothwall Stainless Steel Chimney Liner. 

Be sure to take advantage of their lifetime transferable warranty and free shipping.   Fireside Chimney Supply is open 7 days per week and will walk you through the installation.