Following the annual chimney cleaning and general fireplace service many homeowners are presented with a recommendation that the chimney or fireplace need repair.  Consideration about how best to repair a chimney or fireplace usually revolves around cost.  Restoration projects are usually extremely pricey but using a chimney liner or fireplace liner may save the homeowner thousands of  dollars. 

There are many chimney supply's  and items available to the homeowner.  A wood burning fireplace insert is an ideal fix for a faulty fireplace and can also bring efficiency to older fireplaces that can save the homeowner money.  Adding a flue liner is also an excellent way to add efficiency to a fireplace.  A flue that works correctly allows the fireplace to burn at optimal temperature.   Investigate flexible chimney liner  and flexible chimney liner kits as an option.

In some cases, only the fireplace refractory panels need to be changed for the fireplace to be brought up to code.  This is an easy fix for the do-it-yourself homeowners.  Replacing/repairing chimney's can be expensive; but, stainless steel chimney liners can save thousands of dollars.  When chimney liners are installed correctly, they will last decades.  Installing a stainless steel chimney chase cover will keep rain and snow out of the chimney.