Understanding how to renovate, repair or replace a fireplace is essential information for existing homeowners or people who are thinking about purchasing a home that has an existing fireplace.  A fireplace consists of the actual fireplace, a flue, a chimney and chase covers.   Reasons to repair or replace a fireplace are primarily safety related. 

Wood burning fireplace inserts are a modern answer to a fireplace that is inefficient or smokey.  In historical homes fireplace liners may not doable and rebuilding a fireplace may be the only option. That process would include installing fireplace refractory panels and flue liners to make the fireplace more efficient. 

In historical homes with intricate fireplace systems, there are shaped chimney liners available.  Also available are quality, customized chimney supplies  or parts made is also an option.   The important element of dealing with historical homes is keeping the authentic look and feel of the house.  There are many options available to help preserve the historical aspects of homes.  Rigid chimney liners or flexible liner kits are available.   The Chase cover is something that should not be overlooked.  Chase covers keep the elements at bay by preventing wind and rain, etc from entering the chimney.