As fireplaces age, the tendency is usually for the fireplace refractory panels to start cracking. Fortunately, this part is normally easy to spot, so a cracked refractory panel should be replaced quickly. However, you should be careful to find the right panel to fit your particular fireplace. Installing the fireplace refractory panels isn’t a difficult task, and most people are able to do it themselves. You would just need a chisel, drill, a piece of cloth, a brush, and refractory cement.

Once you have all your items collected, the first task would be to remove the old panel. This is just a matter of unscrewing it, and then tapping it loose using the chisel. Since it’s coming out anyway, you don’t have to be worried about breaking it. Once it’s out, you have to clean the working area thoroughly, and then install the new refractory panel. This is done by spreading a thin layer of refractory cement on the panel, and a thicker layer on the area you are going to put it. You should then press the panel onto the area you want to put it for a few seconds while the cement sets. Once it sticks in place you can screw it in place in whatever pattern suits you, and then wipe off any excess cement. It’s that simple to replace a fireplace refractory panel!