A chimney liner is a material which covers the interior surface of your chimney. This is an essential part of the chimney as it ensures safety and efficiency. The chimney liner can be made out of a variety of materials such as clay, stainless steel or aluminum. The stainless steel chimney liners have some advantages which make them a very good choice.

For one, the stainless steel chimney liners are relatively cheap compared to other materials. They can be used to line any type of chimney, even the ones that didn’t have the steel chimney liners to begin with meaning that you don’t have to tear down your chimney to install them. Apart from that, the stainless steel chimney liners are much easier to clean compared to clay-lined or unlined chimneys, which lowers your cost of maintenance. They also happen to be very energy efficient, which would reduce your fuel consumption.

This is because they can be insulated, a measure which reduces drafts of cold air coming down the chimney when you aren’t burning a fire, which consequently means that you don’t have to warm your house up too much. This good draft also ensures optimal fuel efficiency as it promotes more complete combustion. Flexible stainless steel liners also happen to be much easier to install compared to other kinds of liners, meaning that you can just buy a kit and do it yourself rather than get a professional to do it if you feel so inclined.