For many homeowners, chimney upkeep can be a daunting task, but that's why professionals exist, so whether you choose to do any cleaning and maintenance on your own, or you'd rather hire someone to do the job, we're here to tell you how difficult of a do-it-yourself task it may be. So, let's get down to it and start talking about chimney liners - which many homeowners may have not even thought they needed or already possess.

When you own an older home, your chimney liner will most likely be a clay type lining throughout the interior of the chimney. Chimney liners are a crucial part of the fireplace - providing an exit for the gases, oils, and solid fuels burned while you have a fire going. When you get your chimney cleaned, the professionals you hire should let you know if your chimney is in need of a new liner.

3 Reasons Your May Need A New Chimney Liner

     - The clay liner from the original building of the home is cracked or damaged.
     - Your chimney currently has no liner.
     - You installed a new vent for a stove or furnace that also filters's through the chimney.

Now, if you do require a new chimney liner, there are three standard categories - Heavy, Light, and High Performance Light. When you choose installation experts, they'll inform you of the best option for your fireplace to ensure proper ventilation. If you choose to invest in stainless steel chimney liners, they're highly recommended because they increase your chimney's performance, they're safer, they're more affordable, and they come with a warranty.

So, if you're thinking maybe it's time you look into getting a new chimney liner, contact Fireside Chimney Supply where you can view affordable rigid and stainless steel chimney liners.