A fireplace for all intents and purposes is made up of the actual fireplace, a flue, a chimney and a chase cover.   The flue connects the fireplace to the chimney and contains an adjustable closure that allows for increased or decreased airflow.  Chase covers are the caps that sit on top of the chimney and often contain a spark arrestor; however, their job is to prevent rain and snow from leaking into the fireplace or chimney.

A fireplace is made up of the outer bricks the insulating bricks and refractory panels.  Remodeling a fireplace most often means replacing the insulating bricks and installing modern refractory panels.  Refractory panels are important because their job it to reflect heat.

There are many choices available for chimney pipe or liners.  A smoothwall stainless steel liner is made with a continuous steel strip that is gas and water tight.  316Ti stainless steel liners and the 304L stainless steel liners are perfect for repairing existing units or for new construction applications.  Chimney liners come in both a flexible kit or as rigid chimney liners.  For custom projects there are shaped chimney liners or oval chimney liners available.

Chimney cleaning should be performed yearly.