How to Fix Your Chimney’s Nasty Odor

One of the biggest complaints about fireplaces from homeowners is that from time to time, an odor can be smelled coming from the chimney. Not only does this bad smell fill up your fireplace but also the rest of your house. Closing the windows and turning your AC on is often a solution most people opt for. However, without a doubt, that won't work. In fact, it makes the stench even worse!  For you to eliminate this smell, you will have to start at the source. For a fact, all chimneys produce a little odor that is unnoticeable due to the air that eliminates the odor on the top side of the stack, but when something smells out of place, here's what to do.





Hiring a professional is the easiest way to deal with the stench that comes from the fireplace. The professional will conduct an annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection. Of course, this isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s the most effective. If you try to go the DIY route, you may end up spreading the stench throughout your house.


Nonetheless, if you’re experienced, there are a couple of things you may do to ensure that the odor is eliminated. The first thing would be to remove the excess creosote and debris. Not only does this protect your home but it also keeps it safe from burning. Secondly, you may close the damper to ensure it’s sealed while cleaning up the chimney.




Carcasses of dead animals such as bats or owls can lead to a smelly fireplace. Removing any dead animal inside removes the odor. However, once you remove the dead animal, there will be some bad smell coming from the chimney, but it will certainly end.


Note that Chimneys are warm and dry so small animals may take advantage of living there. Leaving the stench to spread without removing the animal may be toxic for you and your family.




Sweeping and capping the chimney may help solve some of your odor problems. Nonetheless, it won’t entirely solve your chimney problems. To address the problem, you may need the help of a professional to correct the condition of air being sucked back into your house – contaminated air.


Don’t be troubled. The phenomenon occurs in the wet and hot season as a result or major and minor weatherization or changes in the vent.