chimney caps

  1. How Chimney Caps Can Heighten The Design Of Your Home

    How Chimney Caps Can Heighten The Design Of Your Home

    Just like with any aspect of your home, chimney caps offer you a chance to express yourself.  The outside of your house can be just as beautiful as the inside with the right maintenance and the right choices, and just because your chimney cap is a functional and useful part of your house doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish as well.  Coordinating the colors and styles of your roofing, chimney, chimney accessories, window accents, and more design aspects that go into decorating the outside of your home is exciting.  Here are some suggestions as to what your chimney cap can say about your home.


    If your home has a chimney to begin with, consider yourself lucky that you live in traditional enough a home that it has a fire

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  2. Tips for Maintaining Your Fireplace

    Tips for Maintaining Your Fireplace

    Because it isn’t a delicate or fragile item, we don’t often think about the ways in which we need to take care of our fireplace.  We assume that because a fireplace is able to withstand the heat of a fire, it means that it isn’t in need of maintenance, and that just isn’t true.  Maintaining your fireplace, like maintaining any part of your home, is necessary to avoid unexpected and unforeseen repair costs.  Here are some tips so that you can avoid frequent fireplace repair.

    Keep An Eye On Your Damper

    We’ve talked before about the purpose of a chimney damper, but we’ll go over it quickly here.  A chimney damper serves to control the amount of air that can flow in and out of your fireplace.

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  3. Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

    Do I Need A Chimney Cap?


    A chimney cap fits over the top of your chimney and prevents water from running down your chimney and into your stove, fireplace, and home. It is most important in climates that experience significant rainfall, but even those in drier areas should use one. Here are some of the advantages of a chimney cap.

    Prevents Bird Nests And Animals In Your Home

    No matter what size chimney you have, during the months that you are not burning a fire, birds may find it a very attractive place to build a nest and raise a family. Removing bird nests that are so high up on your home can cost you time and money and be very annoying when all you want to do is build a fire. Uncapped chimneys are more likely to allow wildlife into your home when no fire is present. Even if there are no visible animals, small animals can sometimes become trapped and die in a chimney.


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