In order to measure your flexible chimney liner kit, you will need to determine the dimensions of the chimney and also the specifications for the appliances you will hook the liner kit to. The chimney liner kit needs to have the largest diameter pipe that fits inside one’s flue if it is going to serve the fireplace. Before selecting the flexible chimney liner kit, the basic requirements will be the height of your chimney, and the dimensions of the existing flue. Start measuring to the top of the fireplace smoke chamber by using a flexible tape measure or the weight to a string. Lower the weight down to the point where the liner will be connected. Having done that, you can now measure the string to determine the height of your chimney.

When it comes to a fireplace, the cross sectional area of the liner should be in the ten to one ratio. The liner’s diameter should not be too small to avoid the risk of the fireplace not drawing well and eventually lead to smoke filled rooms. To measure for a flexible liner kit that should serve as furnace or wood stove, one should follow the manufacturer’s specifications. However, the internal diameter of the opening in the vent will help to determine the ideal diameter of the chimney liner. A good measurement for a chimney liner kit saves one from getting frustration.