Tips for Maintaining Your Fireplace

Because it isn’t a delicate or fragile item, we don’t often think about the ways in which we need to take care of our fireplace.  We assume that because a fireplace is able to withstand the heat of a fire, it means that it isn’t in need of maintenance, and that just isn’t true.  Maintaining your fireplace, like maintaining any part of your home, is necessary to avoid unexpected and unforeseen repair costs.  Here are some tips so that you can avoid frequent fireplace repair.

Keep An Eye On Your Damper

We’ve talked before about the purpose of a chimney damper, but we’ll go over it quickly here.  A chimney damper serves to control the amount of air that can flow in and out of your fireplace.  Making sure that you keep your damper open during a fire is important for your safety and health, as that could cause the room to fill with the smoke that should be escaping through your chimney.  Making sure that you keep your damper closed when you aren’t using your fireplace is equally important for preventing outside air, whether that air is hot or cold, from getting into your house and affecting its temperature.  Checking your damper frequently also means generally checking for a clear chimney.  If there is significant debris build up, or if small animals have decided to use your chimney as a home, you should hire a professional service to clean it out for you as soon as possible.

Burn the Right Stuff

Not all burning materials are created equal, and being sure to only burn wood and composition logs is very important for the proper maintenance of your fireplace.  Other materials can damage your chimney, not to mention the damage it can do to your lungs.  Burning materials is serious business, and the fumes released from their combustion can potentially be very damaging to your respiratory system.  Controlling what you and your family breathe in, especially in your own home, is a very important thing.  Damage to your flue can also prevent the proper filtration of particulates out of your home, so making sure to burn the right material is an easy way to extend the lifespan of your chimney and your family.

Making sure to frequently clean your firebox is probably the most important tip for fireplace maintenance.  As you can gather from these suggestions, proper fireplace maintenance can really be boiled down to one point: be vigilant.  If things don’t seem like they’re running properly, get an inspection and don’t let things go until they become serious.  For all supplies needed to maintain your fireplace, you can count on Fire Side Chimney Supply.