chimney chase covers

Now there’s a good chance that as soon as you read the title of this post you wondered, “What even is a chimney chase cover?” Well, they’re not made for your standard masonry chimney, but rather they are made to cover the chase of a chimney that was factory built. Chases can also be referred to as “boxes,” and they can be seen running along the side of a home and up to the roof.

Why You Need a Chimney Chase Cover

The chimney within your home relies on chase covers as a form of maintenance as they are designed to prevent precipitation, animals, and debris from entering your home. So while you may be thinking that these covers are an option, they’re actually a necessity.

Made from metal, chimney chase covers are a reliable form of protection for your fireplace and chimney system. Keep in mind that these covers come in different sizes, so you want to make sure that it’s properly sized to the top of your chimney flue and that it’s built to last. An ill-fitting chase cover may not have a long life expectancy.

 Different Types of Chase Covers

  • Aluminum. Although there are chase covers made from aluminum and resistant to rust, they’re not as strong as some of the other materials available. If you’re looking for a practical chase cover, this is not a direction you want to go in, but if your chimney is under repair and you’re looking for a temporary and inexpensive cover to simply get the job done for a short while, it’s not a bad choice.
  • Galvanized Steel. This material would be another poor choice as it’s not only quick to rust, but you’ll most likely need to have it replaced almost right after the installation is complete.
  • Copper. At Fireside Chimney Supply, this is our favorite material for a chimney chase cover, by far. Although they can be expensive, they’re top quality and they last for a very long time. It may take a while to shop around for a good deal on one (unless you check out our online store), but the payoff will definitely be worth it.
  • Stainless Steel. If you’re looking for a reliable chase cover that is also affordable, you’ll want to look into buying a stainless steel one. It’s the strongest material and will virtually last forever. We recommend it as the more “sensible” choice because they’re easy to find, install, and maintain.

If you’re looking for a chimney chase cover that’s made from a reliable material like stainless steel, visit our Fireside Chimney Supply website and see what our store can offer you from buying to the installation.